What at all is Education

One might ask a question “What at all is Education?” and “when did Education start?” Diverse knowledge has been shared as to when Education began or started. To Christians, Education started when God gave the mandate to man to name all living things. To Scientist, education started when they found necessary solutions to nature’s most challenging problems. To atheist (Person who does not believe a God exist), it might be (not a Fact) when necessary solutions were found to the world’s most challenging problems and when educational institutions were established.

From my experience Education is that the method of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of information, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. academic ways embody storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed analysis. Education oftentimes takes place below the steering of educators, however learners may additionally educate themselves.[1] Education will happen in formal or informal settings and any expertise that encompasses a formative impact on the method one thinks, feels, or acts could also be thought of academic. The methodology of teaching is termed pedagogy.


Education is usually divided formally into such stages as educational institution or preschool, school, Gymnasium and so school, university, or berth.

A right to education has been recognized by some governments and therefore the world organization.[2] In most regions, education is required up to an exact age.

Throughout time, Education on a general scale or to a layman may be the transfer of knowledge or Information from one person to the other or from generation to generation. Some may also say the use of Information as Knowledge to gain Wisdom (that is solving problems or issues, impacting society in a positive way and most of all the impact on you the individual). The Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary 3rd Edition gives explanation to education as “the process of teaching or learning or instructing in a school or college to develop skills, or the knowledge that you get from this

One way or the other, we have all received some kind of education. Education now presents itself in different forms that it becomes impossible to neglect. Although not all situations are a hundred percent (100%) guaranteed but an exception is made for education which has now taken over the world. Education is categorized into two forms which is Formal Education and Informal Education. Formal education has to do with the fact that we dress up in uniforms or in some countries any attire and sit down in classrooms and obtain information or knowledge from much older ones who have one way or the other passed through that form of education. Informal education is the type of education we get in our day-to-day activities which does not include any classrooms or uniform (Formal type of education).

Education is now shaping the world into a very controversial state although some may think otherwise. Difference in opinions, solutions to problems or decision making process is very diverse now and is creating a lot of misunderstanding. The opposite is true that we have seen much improvement in our living, the nutritional content of our daily food improving our health, channel of communication made much easier now, transportation also much easier now and many more advantages made possible by Education.

To conclude, nothing has an advantage of a hundred percent (100%) and therefore EDUCATION should be giving much attention in our day-to-day activities.

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