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Fantasticnews is a vertical entry distributing everything identified with the nation    Ghana. Through this lawful setup, we distribute news from Ghana in a totally autonomous and nonpartisan way. Additionally, we have built up a stage where Ghanaians can communicate unreservedly through conclusion articles and by remarking on the news without being controlled. Fantasticnews is however a medium made for and by Ghanaians.

The news on the gateway is refreshed by a group of editors who compose articles or aggregrate from an extensive variety of Ghanaian media. The extensive variety of various media (print and on the web) from which we aggregrate guarantees an adjusted scope of the news in Ghana. Our entrance is continually being enhanced and stretched out by Ghanaian web engineers and website specialists. At a useful level, the entryway is intended to meet the necessities of the 10,000 one of a kind guests who disparage Fantasticnews every month.

At a specialized level, the entryway is developed to stack easily and dependably even in remote parts of Africa. Our guests are prevalently Ghanaian. Generally. This portion of our crowd is exceptionally steadfast, indeed, numerous guests from the early years still visit us day by day. In the most recent decade, Fantasticnews turned out to be to a great degree prevalent in Ghana. Since 2015, we are positioned as the most prominent site in Ghana including nearby substance.

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